Here is an F-1 visa experience that, unfortunately, did not work. Make sure to take lots of lessons from it. We are stating this experience from the interviewee’s perspective.

Status : Rejected
Scholarship : $9k
Major : Chemistry

Me: {greets the VO in my native language]

VO: [greets me back] ! Pass me your documents.

Me: Here it is sir.

VO:Why Chemistry?

Me: Sir,I want to pursue my career as a Pharmacist but I want to start from the beginning so I selected chemistry as my major. Inside chemistry, I want to specialize in organic chemistry (interrupted)

VO: How are you going to pay?

Me: Well, my parents are going to sponsor me.

VO: What do they do?

Me: TOLD(listened fully)

VO: What is your plan after your graduation?

Me: Sir, after completing my graduation, I will work to advance the concept of manufacturing of drug(interrupted)

VO: Sorry boy you aren’t qualified for F-1Visa. You can try for the second time.

Me: Stunned and silenced

The officer did not fully listen to my answers. He just jumped to the conclusion of not granting the visa to me.