Top colleges in the US providing the most financial aid to international students.

Here is the list of top twenty liberal arts Colleges in the US that provide the most financial aid to international students. Our data is based on the official data sets ( known as common data sets ) that colleges publish every year.
P.S. : Do note that the total cost ( tuition, room and board, insurance ) of attending these top tier colleges will approximately be USD 71,000 per year without any financial aid or merit based scholarship

Williams College
Amherst College 66,000
Swarthmore College 63,000
Wellesley College 64,500
Pomona College 59,400
Bowdoin College 56,900
Carleton College 46,900  
Claremont Mckenna College 51,000
Middlebury College 61,000
Washington and Lee University 60,600
Colby College 54,700 ( old data )
Haverford College 64,500
Smith College 56,100
Hamilton College 61,000
Vassar College 63,000
Colgate University 61,000
Davidson College 48,500
Wesleyan University 64,000
Bates College 59,000

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