Here is an F-1 visa experience that, unfortunately, did not work. Make sure to take lots of lessons from it. We are stating this experience from the interviewee’s perspective.

Status : Rejected
Grade 11 and 12 – 57%(Science)
1 * in physics in 11.
No SAT, IELTS- 6.0

VO: Why computer science?

Me: My aim is to be a cybersecurity expert and I want to pursue Computer Science. Also, I’m motivated by a program organized by IOSC on the topic “Cybersecurity and penetration” and there I got to know about the condition of cybersecurity in [country name] and found it to be very weak. Since then, I have aimed to be a cybersecurity professional so that I’ll be able to know about the nature of different kinds of threats along with tools available to mitigate them. So in order to study Cybersecurity as a concentration, I must choose CS as my major.

VO: How many universities did you apply to?

Me: 4

VO: What are they?

Me: Said..

VO: Your grades seem to be very low and you don’t seem to be fit enough to be studying in the USA.

Me: No sir. I’m going to the US to upgrade my skills and knowledge in Computer science as my desired concentration isn’t available in my country. Alongside this, the reason behind my low academic grade is my family pressure. Actually, I was willing to choose management after Grade 10 but my father forcefully admitted me to Science college as he had a wish to see me as a doctor. Thus, I wasn’t able to pick up something that didn’t interest me, and I didn’t score good marks. But, it’s fair to say that my father has now realized his mistake and says I must study and choose the subject of my interest. Also, my low grades have also motivated me to do something and I have full support from everywhere So, I will be doing my best in the days to come.

VO- And it doesn’t seem like you had Computer in high school. Have you taken any courses?

Me: Actually, I know basic programming like Qbasic, HTML which I had read in the school level. Also, I have taken cybersecurity courses attending different seminars, and have basic knowledge about Java which I’ve been learning through the internet.

VO: Why USA?

Me: said it clearly.

VO :Who is funding you?

Me: said my family members

Vo: Sorry, I’m not convinced.

Me: Sir, I can answer any questions related to me.

VO: Sorry, you may leave.

Me: Sir, may I re-apply?

VO: You’ll again be rejected and get the same reason. So, you better apply for masters after completing a bachelor’s from [country name].

Me: Thank you, sir.

(I don’t know the actual reason behind my refusal but I think I wasn’t able to answer what the VO was expecting for. But I had given my best.)
Good Luck to all others appearing for an interview.


Here is an F-1 visa experience that worked for a student. We are publishing this experience from his perspective.

Status: Approved
Major: Computer Science
University: [hidden due to privacy reason

It was probably one of the easiest interviews that I had ever faced. 1:20 pm was the time scheduled for my VISA Interview and I reached there at 11:30. I was nervous, beyond my limits. Shaken up by fears, I calmed myself by walking up and down a countless number of times. My I-20 had arrived 3 days ago and all that had built up my nervousness altogether.

Finally, it was time to enter the embassy. After the necessary security checking, I stood up in the line waiting for my turn. Still then, I was way too nervous. Finally, my turn came and I was led to counter number 6. A young V.O. greeted me.

Me: Good afternoon sir! Namaskar

V.O: Namaste, please pass me your documents

Me: Here you go, sir

VO: (Looking at my transcript) Computer science is a huge field, so in which field will you be studying?

Me: Okay, I have no idea, I just remembered the word AI in one of my answers and tried to fit that. Sir, I will be studying AI and using it in an application that would be made with the collaboration of the government to lower the corruption rate of [country name]. This application would be used by government officials and offices and thus transparency in every transaction will be maintained.

VO: Okay, this seems interesting

VO was busy typing for a while, he then looked at my transcript noticed the College and smiled.

VO: So, what did you do for a year?
Me: Sir, I worked as a content manager at, my main responsibility was working closely with the designers and managing contents which also has fueled up my passion for CS.

VO: Okay, so you have met all the requirements. Go and pay in Counter Number XX.

Me: overwhelmed Thank you, sir.

I was surprised that the interview lasted so less. Well, luck favored me I guess.

Here are some tips that may help you:

  1. It is easier said than done, but try and calm your nerves. Nervousness is the number one factor for failure.
  2. Don’t over-prepare your answers. Remember what you need to say but don’t memorize answers.
  3. Confidence and a good attitude is the key. Smile all the time.

If you a get a VISA, it is good for you. If not, don’t be discouraged. Things do happen for a reason.


University : [hidden for privacy purposes]
Major: Information Science

Status: We will mention it at the end, but it’d be a little bit interesting if you yourself try to determine what it may be.

Scholarship: 25k + 2k Housing Grant for 1st year
Tuition: 27k (Almost)
COA in Form I-20: 20.5k (Not Including Housing Grant though)

12th Grade Marks: 94% in CBSE

VO: Namaste! Pass me your documents
Me: Hello Sir! *Passed him I-20, Passport & 12th result*

VO: So you want to study Information Science. Tell me why?

Me: Umm sir, I have actually always been interested in computers and maths since my childhood. However, it was only after learning to code in C++ and learning other stuff such as HTML and CSS that I had decided that it would be an ideal career for me. Furthermore, as you may already know, IT has been a very hot career in [country name], and there is a lot of job security in this field.

(To be entirely honest, my preparation was sub-par at beat and this is “literally” the most cliche answer one could give for this question)
VO: How many universities did you apply to?

Me: *smiling* 18

VO: List the ones that you were accepted into.

Me: Umm, there’s University of Cincinnati, University at Arizona, Drexel University, Juniata College, SUNY Buffalo

(According to you, do you think he would issue me a student visa based on our interaction so far?)


VO: Okay, you have met the requirements for an F1 Visa. *Hands me my stuff back along with a green paper*

Me: *Frankly, a little bit shocked* Okay!

The entire interview lasted for around 40-45s.

Other details:

The scholarship is the maximum amount this University provides to an international student.

SAT R: 1470 (EBRW – 690 & Maths – 780)
SAT Subject Tests: 2300
TOEFL: 113

Grade 9 & 10: 10/10 CGPA
Grade 11: 83%

Here is a tip that may help you: Be as honest and confident as you possibly can. They have years of experience of interacting with all sorts of individuals, so they’d probably find it out when you’re not being honest or hiding something from them.