Please tell us what motivated you to apply to Haverford and what excites you most as you imagine your Haverford experience. Please limit your response to 150 words.

This might sound weird, but I’m applying to Haverford because it reminds me of my refugee camp. Not because it’s cramped and ageing, but because Haverford’s tight-knit community feels like home. When I started applying to colleges, I imagined studying at a Jame’a, the Arabic word for university. This translates to “the place where people congregate,” a sprawling, endless institution. At a Jame’a, I would be a tiny piece of a massive puzzle. Imagining this made me feel small and intimidated. Discovering Haverford, it felt like a great fit: a small-ish group of people, bound together by a single place, working towards the goal of self-understanding and knowledge. While there are many practical disadvantages to growing up in a refugee camp, we have created a powerful and uplifting community. Haverford shows me that I don’t have to give that up by going to college in a foreign country.

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