Explain your choice in your major – Bucknell University Supplement

Looking around, I find myself surrounded by eclectic structures ranging from a necessary bridge to a luxurious skyscraper. Over time, I realized how life naturally revolves around civil engineering. It is ever-apparent from the first Roman Road, ascending to the next generation. Similarly, the Holy city of Makkah fortified this passion, where I approached the Kaaba. It has led me to connect the dots between history, belief systems, culture, and civil engineering. These seemingly simple marvels have some of the strongest problem-solvers behind them and synonymously I want my own problem-solving skills to be utilized responsibly.

My personal inclination towards Mathematics has made me realize that it requires a thorough mind-set of logic; this same mentality is reciprocated in many corresponding fields such as Economics. This inspiration stems from the geographical and demographic importance and factors of my own Country.

Being brought up in a country with a disparity of wealth, I have constantly questioned the economic decisions. In times of immense economic uncertainty, my curiosity has been aroused to reason the behavioral notions of economic stakeholders. If I zoom out, I sense the severity of emerging global problems, from financial crisis to mending of war-torn economies. This all has brought me to a singularity: Economics; a subject whose specialists are the need of the hour.

I am excited about the prospects of the skillful choices of my majors. Hopefully, these would enable me to make a difference in human lives.  

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