Why do you want to attend Jacobs University? (200-word limit )

In a world that is getting increasingly divided, Jacobs University’s global network has emerged as one of the few institutions that promote collaboration between different countries in solving the biggest crises we face today. Studying at such a cosmopolitan institution will enable me to
explore new cultures, and thereby help me gain a better understanding of the world.

Additionally, World Track will provide me with an opportunity to further broaden my perspective by learning in a completely new cultural environment. Though I am a science student, I have always enjoyed stories of history. Another significant reason I look forward to attending Jacobs is because of the historic city of Bremen. By visiting museums, galleries, and libraries centered in Old Town, I can physically walk through the stories I have always loved reading about.

In addition to excellent academics, Jacobs also fosters the holistic development of students through Jacobs Track. With skills such as effective communication and management, education at Jacobs is much more than just academics—it prepares students for life.

Studying in a place where learning is not confined within the four walls of a classroom, I firmly believe that it is only Jacobs that will help me unleash my full potential as a student, and, most importantly, as a human being.

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