Here is an F-1 visa experience that, unfortunately, did not work. Make sure to take lots of lessons from it. We are stating this experience from the interviewee’s perspective.

Status : Rejected
Grade 11 and 12 – 57%(Science)
1 * in physics in 11.
No SAT, IELTS- 6.0

VO: Why computer science?

Me: My aim is to be a cybersecurity expert and I want to pursue Computer Science. Also, I’m motivated by a program organized by IOSC on the topic “Cybersecurity and penetration” and there I got to know about the condition of cybersecurity in [country name] and found it to be very weak. Since then, I have aimed to be a cybersecurity professional so that I’ll be able to know about the nature of different kinds of threats along with tools available to mitigate them. So in order to study Cybersecurity as a concentration, I must choose CS as my major.

VO: How many universities did you apply to?

Me: 4

VO: What are they?

Me: Said..

VO: Your grades seem to be very low and you don’t seem to be fit enough to be studying in the USA.

Me: No sir. I’m going to the US to upgrade my skills and knowledge in Computer science as my desired concentration isn’t available in my country. Alongside this, the reason behind my low academic grade is my family pressure. Actually, I was willing to choose management after Grade 10 but my father forcefully admitted me to Science college as he had a wish to see me as a doctor. Thus, I wasn’t able to pick up something that didn’t interest me, and I didn’t score good marks. But, it’s fair to say that my father has now realized his mistake and says I must study and choose the subject of my interest. Also, my low grades have also motivated me to do something and I have full support from everywhere So, I will be doing my best in the days to come.

VO- And it doesn’t seem like you had Computer in high school. Have you taken any courses?

Me: Actually, I know basic programming like Qbasic, HTML which I had read in the school level. Also, I have taken cybersecurity courses attending different seminars, and have basic knowledge about Java which I’ve been learning through the internet.

VO: Why USA?

Me: said it clearly.

VO :Who is funding you?

Me: said my family members

Vo: Sorry, I’m not convinced.

Me: Sir, I can answer any questions related to me.

VO: Sorry, you may leave.

Me: Sir, may I re-apply?

VO: You’ll again be rejected and get the same reason. So, you better apply for masters after completing a bachelor’s from [country name].

Me: Thank you, sir.

(I don’t know the actual reason behind my refusal but I think I wasn’t able to answer what the VO was expecting for. But I had given my best.)
Good Luck to all others appearing for an interview.

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