Here is an F-1 visa experience that worked for a student. We are publishing this experience from his perspective.

Status: Approved
Major: Computer Science
University: [hidden due to privacy reason

It was probably one of the easiest interviews that I had ever faced. 1:20 pm was the time scheduled for my VISA Interview and I reached there at 11:30. I was nervous, beyond my limits. Shaken up by fears, I calmed myself by walking up and down a countless number of times. My I-20 had arrived 3 days ago and all that had built up my nervousness altogether.

Finally, it was time to enter the embassy. After the necessary security checking, I stood up in the line waiting for my turn. Still then, I was way too nervous. Finally, my turn came and I was led to counter number 6. A young V.O. greeted me.

Me: Good afternoon sir! Namaskar

V.O: Namaste, please pass me your documents

Me: Here you go, sir

VO: (Looking at my transcript) Computer science is a huge field, so in which field will you be studying?

Me: Okay, I have no idea, I just remembered the word AI in one of my answers and tried to fit that. Sir, I will be studying AI and using it in an application that would be made with the collaboration of the government to lower the corruption rate of [country name]. This application would be used by government officials and offices and thus transparency in every transaction will be maintained.

VO: Okay, this seems interesting

VO was busy typing for a while, he then looked at my transcript noticed the College and smiled.

VO: So, what did you do for a year?
Me: Sir, I worked as a content manager at, my main responsibility was working closely with the designers and managing contents which also has fueled up my passion for CS.

VO: Okay, so you have met all the requirements. Go and pay in Counter Number XX.

Me: overwhelmed Thank you, sir.

I was surprised that the interview lasted so less. Well, luck favored me I guess.

Here are some tips that may help you:

  1. It is easier said than done, but try and calm your nerves. Nervousness is the number one factor for failure.
  2. Don’t over-prepare your answers. Remember what you need to say but don’t memorize answers.
  3. Confidence and a good attitude is the key. Smile all the time.

If you a get a VISA, it is good for you. If not, don’t be discouraged. Things do happen for a reason.

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