University : [hidden for privacy purposes]
Major: Information Science

Status: We will mention it at the end, but it’d be a little bit interesting if you yourself try to determine what it may be.

Scholarship: 25k + 2k Housing Grant for 1st year
Tuition: 27k (Almost)
COA in Form I-20: 20.5k (Not Including Housing Grant though)

12th Grade Marks: 94% in CBSE

VO: Namaste! Pass me your documents
Me: Hello Sir! *Passed him I-20, Passport & 12th result*

VO: So you want to study Information Science. Tell me why?

Me: Umm sir, I have actually always been interested in computers and maths since my childhood. However, it was only after learning to code in C++ and learning other stuff such as HTML and CSS that I had decided that it would be an ideal career for me. Furthermore, as you may already know, IT has been a very hot career in [country name], and there is a lot of job security in this field.

(To be entirely honest, my preparation was sub-par at beat and this is “literally” the most cliche answer one could give for this question)
VO: How many universities did you apply to?

Me: *smiling* 18

VO: List the ones that you were accepted into.

Me: Umm, there’s University of Cincinnati, University at Arizona, Drexel University, Juniata College, SUNY Buffalo

(According to you, do you think he would issue me a student visa based on our interaction so far?)


VO: Okay, you have met the requirements for an F1 Visa. *Hands me my stuff back along with a green paper*

Me: *Frankly, a little bit shocked* Okay!

The entire interview lasted for around 40-45s.

Other details:

The scholarship is the maximum amount this University provides to an international student.

SAT R: 1470 (EBRW – 690 & Maths – 780)
SAT Subject Tests: 2300
TOEFL: 113

Grade 9 & 10: 10/10 CGPA
Grade 11: 83%

Here is a tip that may help you: Be as honest and confident as you possibly can. They have years of experience of interacting with all sorts of individuals, so they’d probably find it out when you’re not being honest or hiding something from them.

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