Describing an extra-curricular activity – Response #1

Many colleges ask applicants to briefly elaborate on their extra-curricular activities or any pertinent experiences. This is a chance for applicants to showcase how meaningful, productive, and interesting their activity was. The best way to respond to a question like this is to write a descriptive answer instead of simply listing down what you did, what you learned, when you did it, and all those straightforward details. A sample response is given below.

Please briefly elaborate on one of your extra-curricular activities or work experiences. ( 250 words or less )

The yellow ball kicked off the clay, drifting away from my racket with pace. I stretched my sweaty legs to return the tennis ball, only managing to strike it straight into the net. Breathing in the crisp, refreshing air, I watched my opponent’s game score flip from four to five. I was 3-5 down in the final set. But neither my feet tingled nor my nerves rattled as performing under pressure had become normal for me after competing in so many tournaments.

“Hit the ball deep in his backhand side with heavy topspin”, I continually told myself during the next point as I kept on returning the ball, waiting patiently for my six-foot opponent to miss. After a few more rallies, my coach and my friends sitting in the stands clapped as my patience and strategic thinking – two qualities that tennis has developed – earned me a point. Not showing much excitement just like most of the time during matches, I went back to the baseline, standing with my eyes forward and hips slightly bent, ready to receive my opponent’s serve.

Eventually, I lost that match. However, just like after every training session, I felt refreshed and lost all worries about my assignments and upcoming exams. Throughout my tennis Journey, I know that I am bound to lose sometimes no matter how hard I may try. The outcome of a match doesn’t matter to me. All that matters to me is giving my 100% every single time.

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