Applicant: Good Morning!

Visa Officer: Good Morning! Please pass me your I 20, passport and transcript. Which university are you going?

Applicant: It is [Removed for privacy]

Visa Officer: I haven’t heard that before.

Applicant: It is a new school but is different than any other traditional university. It is preparing to graduate its first batch. The thing that attracted me the most was the Study Abroad program and courses in the Foundation year. I believe that these courses will not only prepare me academically, but it will help me gain invaluable life skills.

Visa Officer (angrily): You have great grades and you want to invest your life in an institution where there are no graduates?

Applicant (looking into his eyes): Yes sir. I have searched a lot about it and it was my top choice school. I even attended ….

Visa Officer (stopping in between): Did you take help of a consultant for applying?

Applicant: No sir. I searched and applied myself.

Visa Officer: How many other colleges did you apply to?

Applicant: I applied to about 20 colleges in the US and one in Hong Kong.

Visa Officer: I don’t care about Hong Kong. Did you get accepted by any other college?

Applicant: I got waitlisted in [Removed for privacy].

Visa Officer: My colleague denied your visa. Is there anything new?

Applicant: Yes sir. My CIE A Level final grades arrived a few days ago. You can see that in my transcript. Also, my plans after graduation were a little vague last time.

Visa Officer: So, what do you plan now?

Applicant: Actually, I want to improve the navigation system. I plan to study Computational Science and want to improve network and navigation in remote areas. Connectivity is poor in my country and…..

Visa Officer (stopping in between):  My concern is your intent…

Applicant: Would you like to see additional letters?

Visa Officer: No. (Handing the yellow paper) If you wish to reapply here is the reason.

Applicant: Thank you sir

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