A very important factor in college admissions that applicants overlook

What are the most important factors when it comes to college application success? GPA? Test Scores? Application Essay? Every high school seniors work tirelessly on ticking all these boxes. And, eventually, the most common one which is missed is the “level of applicant interest” box.

Let’s cut straight to the chase – colleges do not want to take in applicants who applied without demonstrating much interest. They want to take in students who they believe could potentially attend their place so that colleges can maximize their yield rate. So, applicants need to make sure they are genuinely interested in the colleges they are applying.

The best way to demonstrate interest is by scheduling a visit to the college. You should also request an on-campus interview if you feel comfortable sitting for one. However, a visit may not be possible for international students or domestic students living quite far away from the college. The best course of action for such applicants would be to request for a virtual or an alumni interview if such opportunities are offered or recommended. It displays that you are keen to explore and learn more about the college. The other easiest thing that any applicant can do is join the mailing list. All it takes is to go to Google, type in “XXXX college mailing list” and then fill up a quick form. Also, if you have any concern about any part of your application, you should always reach out to your admissions counsellor.

All the best with the application season! May the odds be in your favour!

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