What in particular about Yale-NUS College has influenced your decision to apply? (250 words or less)

I consider myself the right student for Yale-NUS College.

For someone like me who greatly embraces practical learning, Yale-NUS has a lot to offer. For example, Yale-NUS’s Learning Across Boundaries (LABs) program allows me to explore concepts that are beyond my textbooks and learn through experimentation and field work. In addition, programs like Yale-NUS College Summer Research Program (SRP) and Yale College Dean’s Research Fellowship also attract my interest. They would not only help me gain a strong understanding of my subject areas but also allow me to meet new people and build communication and practical skills through the pre-program orientation and summer workshops.

However, it’s not only because of the strong academics why I am interested in Yale-NUS. Yale-NUS also encourages students to travel and develop strong leadership skills by adapting to different academic, social, and cultural circumstances. For one, the Yale-NUS Summer Institute in Global Strategy and Leadership program would develop vital writing, research, and argumentation skills while building strong mentoring relationships with the Yale faculty. In addition to offering leadership development programs, Yale-NUS stresses importance on tackling social challenges. Through programs like Service in The City and Social Impact Bootcamp, I’d get equipped with the skills to tackle social issues while also increase my capacity to work with a multitude of organizations and sectors. 

All in all, Yale-NUS College, a center for the next generation leaders, offers me the opportunity to grow, learn, and prepare for the challenging world that awaits me. 

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